Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AVSynthesis version 40_5_19

This new version is synchronized with csound 5.19 and jogl 2 rc 1. See the documentation for important information on installing this version

This new version 40_5_19 is synchronized with csound 5.19 and jogl2 rc11. This jogl version is handling image files in a different way, and I had to take some design decisions that are unfortunately breaking ascendant compatibility: every picture must be a png file format.
The recommended way to keep your existing work is
  • unzip the AVSynthesis zip file in any location
  • verify the installation by launching avsynthesis.cmd, and quit AVSynthesis
  • migrate your data to this new intsallation
    • move your compositions in the data/save directory, 
    • move your PNG image files in data/textures - transform your JPG image files in PNG image files by keeping the current name (be sure to have a png extension - ex: cyclone.jpg -> cyclone.png), and move them in data/textures move your loops in data/loops
    • move your waves in data/waves
  • launch AVSynthesis, load any of your composition. AVSynthesis will automatically change the image file extension to PNG if it is a JPG/JPEG file. You can then save the composition with the correct image filename.

The package is here