Friday, October 27, 2006


HPKComposer is a tool I am writing for experimenting "Audio Video paintings". It is based on the Csound 5.0 synthesis engine, and on an image transformation engine, written using a java OpenGL library (LWJGL), and exploiting GLSL pixel shader .

The composition principles enforced by this tool are the following
  • the composition is generated in real time, both the audio and the video parts,
  • a composition is made of layers, each layer combining audio synthesis made using csound and image processing using pixel shader. Each layer has a transparency value that can be modulated. Linking this value to the audio volume is the primary way for creating a composition,
  • segment curves are used for controlling the evolution of image processing and audio synthesis parameters. These curves loop when the last point is reached and, by using segments of different lengths, will give an ever changing result,
  • it is possible to interact live with "Audio Video paintings" using MIDI controllers.
This tool is not publicly available, as I am short of time for supporting it, but I will post some works done with it, hoping it is a way to exchange ideas.

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